Re: Time set 00:00 on some Media Files

Derek Kain

Hello Mike,
Unusual I thought was an understatement. 
You are right, using the media tab on the Property Box for an Individual.
They are JPG. But, having said that in the second picture the one that gave the missing time is a JPEG file.
I wouldn't have thought that would make a difference.
Looking at the Properties of the file it is a JPG file with all three dates showing correctly.
Changing the File Explorer listing the file in question just below the centre of the screen is now Baptism 1831 Kain Patrick 1831a.jpg 09/01/2019 00:00 and the size is much larger at 1,536KB.
Hope that helps?
Derek Kain

On Mon, 6 Jul 2020 at 11:35, Mike Tate <post@...> wrote:

That does sound a bit unusual.

I guess you are talking about the ‘Insert pictures and other media’ dialogue that lest you navigate to the files.

What type of media file are they?             JPG, PNG, PDF?

Which date-time is being shown?             ‘Date created’, or ‘Date modified’, or what?

If you go back and view the files in Windows File Explorer what date-time is displayed?

A screenshot might be useful.


From: <> On Behalf Of Derek Kain
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Subject: [family-historian] Time set 00:00 on some Media Files


Hello all,

I noticed a few days ago that some of the media files that I have saved on Family Historian 6 have the correct date but the time is 00:00.

This seems to happen to two files then corrects itself for about five or six files.

I'm downloading from Scottish Baptism's on Findmypast. Selecting Show in Folder. Then changing the file name to what is appropriate to me. The time is showing correctly. Then in Family Historian go to the Property Box clicking the Media tab, Add Media, Insert from file. But the time is set to 00:00 on occasions.






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