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Patrick Maloney

As far as I can tell, 'Fordo' is not a Latin word. RC entries wre often latinized, so 'Patricius' is simply 'Patrick'. I've not previously come across a surname being latinized, so normally I would suggest that 'Fordo' was the actual surname. It does look like an attempt to latinize, though, so I would hesitantly suggest that your chap's name was Patrick Ford.

On 6 Jul 2020 13:35, Derek Kain <genealogist15@...> wrote:
Hello readers,
My apologies. I should have stated that it is a name.
Findmypast Scotland Roman Catholic Parish Baptisms 
Patricius Fordo
Scotland Roman Catholic Parish Baptisms
Edinburgh, Lauriston, Midlothian, Scotland

On Mon, 6 Jul 2020 at 13:08, Lorna Craig via <> wrote:

It depends on the context, but it might mean "with young" (i.e. with children). 

See the table on this page:


On 06/07/2020 11:18, Derek Kain wrote:
Can anybody tell me the English equivalent of Latin 'Fordo'.
Checked Google translate and it gives me Fordo.

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