Re: Problem transferring custom query from on pc to another

Mike Tate

Mike, If you have only recently migrated from your old PC to a new one, then there may be many customisations that have not been migrated.

What strategy did you adopt?

There is the Backup and Restore Family Historian Settings Plugin designed for the job.

Many customisations are hidden away where you might not find them such as in the Windows Registry.


To transfer one Query, on the old PC use File > Import/Export > Export > Query and choose the one to migrate.

Copy the exported file to the new PC and use File > Import/Export > Import > Query and choose that copied file.


I suspect by copying it into the Query > Custom folder you have confused FH because that is the installation process.


See the FHUG Knowledge Base ~ Move Family Historian Settings and Projects for full details:



From: <> On Behalf Of mike.shingleton@...
Sent: 05 July 2020 21:40
Subject: [family-historian] Problem transferring custom query from on pc to another


I have a custom query name No Date of Death which I wish to transfer from my old pc to my new one.

I have copied it to the query folder. When I double click on it gives the message ""Install No Date of Death" as a custom query?".  Jowever on clicking ok I get the message "An error has occurred.  Cannot install "No Date of Death" as a custom Query.

Can anyone suggest what I am doing wrong?


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