Re: urgent help needed



Just a thought, I assume you're using Windows? If you know which folder the GEDCOM files are stored in open Windows Explorer, drill down to the Folder (don't open it) that would have held it, right click with the mouse and go to "Properties" at the foot of the menu that appears.  Have you got a tab that says "Previous Versions".  If you have, try restoring an earlier version of the folder. somewhere else.  If you haven't got "Previous Versions" then its not configured and I advise you Google it and turn it on.  I have mine set to 06:00 and 13:00.  I would set it at least 2x per day.

When you have lost valuable data that took hours to put together a few times you will learn to have your own backup strategy.  There is a free version of SyncbackPro and if you can master ORA (which I'm currently struggling very hard with) you can certainly handle setting up SyncbackPro to the Cloud.
Peter Williams

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