Re: Diagram not showing familial link

Mike Tate

Yes, families of spouses of direct ancestors are not currently included even in an All Relatives Diagram.

It is rumoured that will be improved in FH V7.



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Subject: Re: [family-historian] Diagram not showing familial link


Thank you for your response.  Both of those issues are dealt with!  I'm trying to add parents and siblings to a husband who is not a direct antecedent - his wife is.  Does that make a difference?  


Michele Sinclair.

On 4 Jul 2020, at 14:48, Lorna Craig via <l.m.craig@...> wrote:

You may need to click the small expansion button (circle) in the diagram above the individual whose parents you have added.

Another thing to check is Diagram Options > General tab > Generations Up and make sure this is set to enough generations up from the diagram root to display them all.


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