Re: File path incorrect, New Windows 10 laptop, FH v 6.27 newly installed

Evelyn and Christopher Wilcock <eandcw@...>

I am facing something similar.

Our new computer running Windows 10 offered the suggestion to put my document data and pictures in the C:/ drive which I did.

But then this morning as I prepared to move more pictures, I saw to my horror that my C:/ drive was almost full and there was another  drive marked D:/ for Data.
This is new to me. Having checked with HP, I am currently moving all my data to the D:/ drive.
After doing that I shall need to tell fh that its data Project folder location is on the D:/ drive.
I could be in trouble too, but I hope not.

This may not be relevant to the previous poster. But I too have been in new territory.
Evelyn Wilcock

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