Family Historian on Linux


Just wanted to say what a great program! I have been using it for 2 years on and off, and in my opinion is by far the best. I have used Family Tree Maker and TNG software but I always return to this product.
My only gripe is that now I am on a Linux operating system I am unable to use this fantastic program, despite trying to make it work it in WINE. I abandoned Windows products over 6 months ago (I won't go into a protracted missive as to why, plenty of stuff out there to back up my reasons). It would be nice if perhaps in the future, someone (or the developer) may offer an option to make this work in the Linux operating system. Until then, I am using my backup web based Tribalpages option. IF there is a way now to make this superb program work within Linux, perhaps some kind folk can offer a solution. Many thanks.

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