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This is a forum where users of the genealogy software program, Family Historian, can discuss aspects of the program, new users can post questions and ask advice, and experienced users of Family Historian can share their knowledge and give tips.

This group was launched in January 2020.  For the archives of the RootsWeb Mailing List which it replaced, please see the RootsWeb Archive.  For even more resources for Family Historian, we recommend checking the Family Historian Users Group.

Please note:

The first message sent to the group will be moderated manually so may take some time to appear on the list.

Also, if you attach images or other attachments to messages they always have to be manually approved to be sent to the list.  So please try to keep these to a minimum, and especially when replying to a message which had images remember to remove the original quoted message,  The latter will also help with regard to the clarity of messages when read in email clients.

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