Welcome to our Facilitators for Pandemic Response group - yet again

Nancy White

Howdy friends, old and new. WELCOME!!!!

For those of you moving over from our Google Groups, welcome again. To those of you just joining us, welcome!

At this moment there is no structure or direction for our potential work together, just the gathering moments. While we gather, it might be useful to start thinking about where online facilitation and technology stewardship, and for me, particularly, Liberating Structures, can help people meet remotely. We can notice and surface patterns of need and then respond. 

So some of the areas that come to mine where we can identify and mobilize for need are:
  1. Helping with design and facilitation strategies for: smaller, regular work meetings (not limited to business - any kind of work), medium sized planned events that have to be cancelled, very large events (all online and blended) 
  2. Keep education going while schools close (kindergarden up)
  3. Supporting folks isolated by quarantine
  4. Simply ask and give each other help in this time
  5. Create, curate and share  resources
  6. offer to train people on aspects of online interaction and technology stewardship, focusing on specific types of online interaction or populations
  7. What else?

Not everything has to happen on this platform. We can use it as a launch and reconnect point. For example, an initiative to build capacity to do Liberating Structures online is happening in the LS online community of practice space on Slack.

I have also set up one initial Google doc for resources, but we'll have to get a little more organized on that soon. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NyrEU7n6IUl5rgGiflx_dK8CrdoB2bwyyl9XG-H7iw8/edit# Maybe someone wants to start organizing that. 

I have a Zoom instance we can use to organize some initial synchronous conversations, but my instinct is we need both sync and async, and probably break ourselves down into disappearing work groups - find a job, go do it, come back!

If one of these or something else calls you, step into that stream. Start a new discussion thread, or if there is a better platform, just link us to the new place. 

This is not a matter of centralization, but of connection, learning and mutual support. Weave away!

Be creative. Be yourselves. Make a difference!

Sorry about the move for those of you who started on Google --  you always have my gratitude!

Nancy W

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