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Subject: Progress report Monday 4th June 2018


Evening all,

                   My first attempt at using our new communication site, thanks to whoever created it.

   During summer those of us of the VCT avoid disturbing our feathered friends by occupying ourselves with other activities, last year it was fencing in and around Wirksworth and this year our artistic talents will be put to use as we pick up our paint brushes and work our way along the line. 

   Our first job will be to treat the platform fence between ourselves and our neighbours in Duffield and so today we met up with their representative and agreed a plan of action hopefully starting next week.

   On leaving Duffield near mp 134 we reinforced our cattle defences before proceeding to just south of Derby road bridge 3 to erect a safety fence in line with the parapet of a culvert which passes under our line, en route we met a sheep with a lamb dining on our grass, one hour later they were back in the field after we had dismantled a stile crossing to enable their return. We are  actually looking forward to next week when it might be a little less eventful!!

            Cheers  Mick Kingsley.


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