Essentialbird is a discussion group for experienced birdkeepers or for birdkeepers with experience using plant medicines and medicinal grade essential oils for their birds. The purpose of EssentialBird is to explore the safe use of herbal medicine (including medicinal grade Young Living (YL) and Original Swiss Aromatics (OSA) brand essential oils) in medical, behavioral and emotional applications for birds. All species of birds are welcome in our discussions. We believe that the effectiveness of plant medicine is directly correlated with the degree to which a bird receives a fresh, whole food diet, access to free flight, large living enclosures, environmental enrichment and direct sunlight; therefore we will place an emphasis on natural and holistic methods of birdkeeping to create a foundation for healing with herbal and essential oil remedies. When used cautiously and judiciously, we have found herbal medicine to be extremely effective in the treatment of viral, bacterial and fungal infections; behavioral aggression; as environmental disinfectants; and to adjust the psychological and emotional status of troubled or unhappy birds. There are numerous other possible applications for plant remedies in birdkeeping, all of which we hope to explore with others who share our interest in these incredible healing tools.

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