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[espeak-ng:master] By Juho Hiltunen <jaacoppi@...>:
f16b27b8409b: code cleanup: remove unnecessary new_translator in LoadVoice()

It looks like this was used in situations where both "language" and
"translator" voice options were found. Since bda8b6f76a "translator"
hasn't been supported.

Modified: src/libespeak-ng/voices.c

[espeak-ng:master] By Juho Hiltunen <jaacoppi@...>:
7c32085dcd78: code cleanup: use translator instead of langopts in LoadVoice()

Since new_translator isn't used anymore langopts will always point to
translator anyway.

Modified: src/libespeak-ng/voices.c

[espeak-ng:master] By Juho Hiltunen <jaacoppi@...>:
fb233a7b0c87: code cleanup: move stressLength, stressAdd and stressAmp handling in LoadVoice()

From now on, stressLength must be set before stressAdd because
stressLength will overwrite any previous value. Usually stressLength is
set in a language file and stressAdd in a voice file.

Previously the order of the two commands didn't matter.

Modified: docs/
Modified: src/libespeak-ng/voices.c

[espeak-ng:master] By Juho Hiltunen <jaacoppi@...>:
ac5eeb865e60: code cleanup: new function CheckTranslator()

When a language or voice file in espeak-ng-data is loaded the keyword
"translator" must be set so that other language options can modify the
values in struct Translator.

CheckTranslator() provides standardized error for all switch cases that
modify a value in struct Translator.

Modified: src/libespeak-ng/voices.c Integration <espeak-ng@...>

1 New Commit:

[espeak-ng:master] By Valdis Vitolins <valdis.vitolins@...>:
40b78f5183f6: Add handling of Ignore message for all test functions

Modified: tests/common