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[espeak-ng:master] New Comment on Pull Request #932 Memory Access Fixes

These could be combined to avoid nesting:


Can you add a test case for these two changes to a new tests/ssml test file? That will be automatically picked up in the tests/ssml.test test case.

Done. Sorry, I totally didn't realize there were tests now. Unfortunately, I see that my changes to readclause.c broke translate.test, and I am not quite sure why.

BTW, when using the command-line binary, sometimes the binary crashes or doesn't crash depending on the source of the input. Malformed text in "speak" tags won't crash espeak if the input is in a file and -f is used, but espeak will crash when the text is supplied on the command line. Here's a transcript that may make things clearer: https://the-brannons.com/pastefiles/espeak-ssml-typescript.txt

I have also found an out-of-bounds read when input starts with two angle brackets, such as espeak-ng -m '<<foo'

That one affects both espeak-ng from master and espeak-ng with my readclause.c changes.