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By JanuszChmiel:

Thank you very very much for yours advice. i will try to recompile Espeak-ng on my Aarch64 device. System talk to Pulseaudio sound server which run by using Termux by using TCP protocol. It is even possible to use Unix sockets, but for sending sound samples of speech engines it is very probably not causing A remarkable speed differences. I think that my big enemye is Android process which monitors Pulseaudio for Termux for data which are being transferred by using Open sless protocol. I do not know if is it Android media server, or sound chip Android kernel device driver itself. Because I Am afraid, that if short audio sample data are played for example every 800 Milliseconds it will always get more time before this sound sample is being plaied. Sure. When Espeak play sample and if Speech-dispatcher send news sample, The reactivity responsiveness is very fast. I also know about build in Android kernel routine which automatically disable sound chip if sound samples are not play or recorded for several Seconds. I have sensitive hearing and I can hear chip turning off sound when listening from build in phone amplifier. Speech-dispatcher developers have made some miracle, so it send some strange command to Pulseaudio sound server so The chip will never suspend. Transistors are producing soft noise. This is The reason why I must turn off this process and Orca to prevent transistors from being deteriorated if it would make soft noise for A whole night. May be, that whole sound chip could overburn more faster. But as A positive aspect, using Speech-dispatcher and Pulseaudio sound server produces The faster responsiveness when using Orca on Android device by using Termux, Proot and some compatible Linux distro. I have also tried Pulseaudio sound server configured so Simple protocol have been used. And I have used Simple protocol Player for Android to play Espeak chunks streams. Because Simple protocol player used different technique to play audio chunks The speed is not good. Pulseaudio also often randomly crashes no matter, which Linux distro AM I using. So I have used Pulseaudio for Termux as The most stable approach. .