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By OakLD:

@valdisvi I wonder, how do you set speech-dispatcher to use MBROLA engine directly (i.e. not via espeak or festival). It seems that is what you suggest and should be possible. I have it installed, but it isn't mentioned in the speech-dispatcher configuration file (like many other engines). When I try a wild guess, it doesn't work:

 #AddModule "espeak"       "sd_espeak"   "espeak.conf"
 #AddModule "espeak-ng"    "sd_espeak-ng" "espeak-ng.conf"
 AddModule "mbrola"    "sd_mbrola" "mbrola.conf"
 #AddModule "festival"     "sd_festival"  "festival.conf"
 #AddModule "flite"        "sd_flite"     "flite.conf"

I couldn't google anything either... Integration <espeak-ng@...>

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By OakLD:

@DidierSpaier I don't think so. This only defines what engine and what setting to set the dispatcher itself to. But there are files in ~/.config/speech-dispatcher/modules/ for each engine, i.e. festival.conf, or in this case espeak.conf, to set engine-specific stuff. I believe the voices should be set here. I think it should be here you set i.e. MALE1 to mb-us1 Unfortunately, this file does not provide any example to set that and I failed to google anything on this subject. Integration <espeak-ng@...>

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By OakLD:

No I don't have Orca installed and unfortunately it is not related to my issue and can't help me. I purchased a software and for that software a plugin (I had a choice of 1 for Linux, unfortunately), that works with speech-dispatcher only. So I have free hands for what stands beyond speech-dispatcher, but I can't replace it. The default espeak voice is so horrible it's not really understandable. So I'm simply after better TTS voice quality, but I don't need perfect, just not that horrible. I'd say MBROLA is minimum acceptable quality.

I'm quite confused, whether I can set a default voice in espeak and also whether I can set them for espeak in speach-dispatcher (I know this 2nd part is a bit off topic here, I didn't ask for it originally, but since it was brought out...). Integration <espeak-ng@...>

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By OakLD:

My mistake, I forgot to mention speech-dispatcher-module-espeak 0.8.8-lp151.3.6.1. It provides:


You're right that there's no espeak-ng module for speech-dispatcher available in OpenSUSE repositories. MBROLA is available, but nly German voices (!) are supplied. However, I installed some from Fedora. They're noarch, so it should be fine. There are also some packages I dind't install (didn't think they're needed), such as espeak-ng-compat and espeakedit. It's really pitty that I got my festival working with relatively quality HTS voices, I got my espeak working with MBROLA (yes, they're working when forced via a parameter in command line), but neither I can get it working with speech-dispatcher... It's so desperate that I'm looking into option to write my own plugin. But it's not a small job... Integration <espeak-ng@...>

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By guest271314:

Note, installing a modified version of espeak-ng, e.g., following the instructions for building espeak-ng does not result in those changes being reflected at /usr/lib/speech-dispatcher-modules/sd_espeak-ng, in part

For example, in an attempt to set SSML parsing on by default for Web Speech API so that --enable-speech-dispatcher flag at Chromium will use the modified version of espeak-ng, removed all espeak and espeak-ng packages, added | espeakSSML to L344 at espeak-ng.c, installed using make, tested espeak-ng <speak>test</speak> at terminal which output audio "test" without passing -m flag.

$ spd-say <speak>test</test> does not output the same audio, SSML is not enabled without x option, sd_espeak-ng appears to be an entirely different version of espeak-ng unrelated to installed espeak-ng by packages.

Installing python3-speechd then running spd-conf creates ~/.config/speech-dispatcher/speechd.conf where there are fields available for setting # ----- VOICE PARAMETERS -----, DefaultVoiceType, DefaultLanguage. ~/.config/speech-dispatcher/modules/espeak-ng.conf contains fields for setting EspeakListVoiceVariants.