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#1061 espeak-ng speech-dispatcher espeak-ng speech driver and Termux chroots issue

Dear advanced programmers, I would like to kindly ask you for help. Termux, Proot and ArchLinux programmers are doing their best to make their programms better and better. As A result, it is possible to use Mate desktop environment, Orca screen reader, Firefox, Seamonkey and VLC for example. While I Am aware, that I can not compare speed of non chrooted Linux operating system with a regular kernel and full Linux. I Am facing one complex issue. When I Am using build in Pulseaudio for Termux and speech-dispatcher, Espeak-ng and Espeak-ng speech driver, I Am getting long time delay between I can hear spoken output of Espeak-ng. Simple approach is to use spd-say "hello" and You could hear The long delay. I would like to kindly ask you, if you could tell Me if there is any way to speed up The delay?

Pulseaudio for Termux emulates Open sless output device so even Mate sound effects can be used normally. Fluent playback of music or other types of multimedia output is also without issue. Problem is with Speech-dispatcher and Espeak-ng driver for Speech-dispatcher. I do not believe, that Speech-dispatcher binary machine code is so extremely long and complex that it should produce so long delay. What can I offer to allow you or some other advanced programmers? I can give you my phone remotely by using Tmate SSH protocol for debugging. My big patience and I can send you Espeak-ng audio records. The best configuration on my phone is to use ArchLinux SDRAusty Bash scripts, Xvnc and BVNc Professional from GOogle Play. Proot perfectly emulates even basic shared memory. Orca perfectly work on many apps so it would not bee a wasting time activity. Thank you very very much for your time and support. Speech is now facing also other issue. If I Am setting speech tempo by using Orca to more than 77, when I AM using arrow keys browsing by characters, Espeak-ng do not speak character on focus so I Am losting some characters. May be, that this issue would also help to solve The delay issue. May be, that Espeak-ng call some kernel based timing and if real Linux kernel is not present, algorithms are using its default values? I do not know. Thank you for your time and for your analysis. With kindness regards. Janusz Chmiel