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#963 modifying sapi5 espeak from sourceforge

I found it easiest and since I ultimately think a good stable sapi5 espeak is best so I chose to try and modify the speech player in espeak found at: http://grossgang.com/tts/speechPlayer%20in%20espeak/ It's been awhile since I played with intonations file so can you please refresh my memory? Can I add extra tunes such as tune s2, c2, e2, q2? And also when I add tunes statements to a voice variant is only one tune allowed? Or can I do something like:

tunes c2 e2 s2 q2 Or is that the wrong format and I need a comma? I want to try to make a variant that will make speech player in espeak so it will talk like the humanware keynote gold, doubleTalk, decTalk, or eloquence. The espeak from sourceforge seems to have the most stable sapi5 implementation that I have found so far. Unless there is an equivalent espeak ng sapi5 setup package and easy way to edit intonations and klatt voices that I am unaware of?