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[espeak-ng:master] New Issue Created by jbowler:
#928 Message: "unknown phoneme table: 'en'" while building the phonemes

It reads like an error message and is followed by "Can't read dictionary file:" which definitely looks like an error yet the step completes with no error and en_dict is generated. Text from the make output:

ESPEAK_DATA_PATH=/home/jbowler/src/espeak-ng/dunn src/espeak-ng --compile-intonations && \ ESPEAK_DATA_PATH=/home/jbowler/src/espeak-ng/dunn src/espeak-ng --compile-phonemes && \ touch phsource/phonemes.stamp Compiled 30 intonation tunes: 0 errors. Unknown phoneme table: 'en' Can't read dictionary file: '/home/jbowler/src/espeak-ng/dunn/espeak-ng-data/en_dict' Compiling phoneme data: /home/jbowler/src/espeak-ng/dunn/espeak-ng-data/../phsource/phonemes

Refs 4336, Reused 3366 Compiled phonemes: 0 errors.

This was reproed with commit 490538b715e9271d75adf121ca02a60acae56feb on a fresh clone using:

./autogen.sh ./configure --prefix=home/jbowler/local make

I've attached the log files for each step: autogen.sh.log configure.log make.log