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#710 espeak_Cancel() not working on a Arm64

Hi, i compile source (1.51) with async and pcaudiolib at debian 10 arm64 and debian 10 x64, x64 works great but arm64 has a few issue. when i call "espeak_cancel()" on another thread it waits to complete speech. Also SynthCallback returns all events at the begining of speech same code works on x64 as expected but not works right in Arm64.

What am I doing wrong or whats happening ? Thank you.

Edit: Also debian 1.49.2 packages has same issue. Edit 2: Btw original espeak library works as expected, i guess there is a thread issue at espeak-ng Edit 3: Espeak-ng cancel is not working(waits to finish) as expected while using with alsa (without pulse), espeak org works because it use portaudio