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#635 Cannot work with MBROLA

I cloned the repos of espeak-ng and MBROLA and built the last version.

What I found is that espeak-ng and MBROLA all works well separately, but cannot work together.

Below command works well:

espeak-ng -v en "Hello World!"
mbrola -i ~/Desktop/en1/en1 ~/Desktop/en1/TEST/euler.pho  ~/Desktop/0.wav
# here 0.wav sounds OK

But, when I tap:

espeak-ng -v mb-en1 "Hello"

It tells me:

mbrola: Fatal error in line:
mbrowrap error: mbrola closed stderr and did not exit
mbrowrap error: mbrola exited with status 253

And only sounds something like "He", no "llo".

When I tap:

espeak-ng -v mb-en1 --pho "Hello"

It prints:

h	70
@	24	 0 94 20 95 40 96 59 97 80 99 100 99
l	65
@U	175	 0 102 80 76 100 76
_	301
_	1

I use Deepin 15.11(Linux x64, like Debian 9).