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Bhavya shah

Dear all,
At the outset, let me sincerely thank Reece for appointing me as a
moderator of this based next generation mailing list for
official discussion regarding the ESpeak-NG speech synthesizer. Also,
I would like to express my gratitude for those who have already joined
this ESpeak-NG e-group for their prompt transition.

Following are some fundamental statistics that highlight the current
status of this group:
Member Count: 11
Group Owner: Reece H. Dunn
Group Moderator: Bhavya Shah (Me)
Integrations: Github (

Also, following are integral e-mail addresses to perform various
activities on the group:
To Post:
To Subscribe:
To Unsubscribe:
To Contact The Group Owner:

At the moment, we have no special hashtags in use (apart from Github),
no dedicated subgroups (due to lack of their requirement) and no Wiki
material (due to their inexistence). However, our vision for this
group must extend beyond not only encompassing this in ESpeak-NG’s
next generation e-group, but also having a prolific and proactive
community of users and developers in constant communication and
interaction via this list. ESpeak-NG powers the speech synthesis of
two popular screen readers by default - NVDA for Windows and Orca for
Linux – which in turn fuel computer access for tens of thousands of
visually impaired individuals across the globe. Let us recognize the
significance of this open source project, and accordingly strive to
build a stable community of its beneficiaries, in the form of this
mailing list.
In subsequent mails, I will be explicating our ways forward in
shifting those still on the old mailing list to this new one, as well
as cordially inviting screen reader users and vendors utilizing ESpeak
to our next generation platform, and spreading the word about this
community to other ESpeak contributors and beneficiaries.
In conclusion, I hope to dutifully serve as a moderator of this
mailing list in a just manner, and I shall try to the best of my
abilities to assist Reece in ensuring smooth functioning of this

Best Regards,
Bhavya Shah

P.S. Due to policies, the first post of every group member
will require approval from a group administrator. It is worth noting
that all messages would be sent to the list directly henceforth.

Best Regards
Bhavya Shah

Avid Enthusiast and User of the Free NVDA Screen Reader (

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