Arabic Voice Improvement

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Dear Sir,

I thank you for involving Arabic to eSpeak. However, I think that it still requires some adjustments. In fact, ض is [dˤ], ظ is [ðˤ] and ج is [ʒ]. As I have seen the source code of Taha Zerrouki, I can confirm you that Taha was influenced by the phonology of Algerian Arabic dialect (arq). This phonology is different from the one of the Modern Standard Arabic (ar) that was defined in the 19th Century by getting based on the medieval linguistic work of Sebawayh.

Yours Sincerely,

Houcemeddine Turki

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Objet : Re: [espeak-ng] Urdu Voice Improvement
when I'm looking at differences, were these just additions (as patch)
or full new set of the file?

> Thanks for contribution!
> Merged in commit
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> 087ec613e5da6b6f66fd8261c17c486c25de1
> Valdis
> >
> > I have made some changes in the attached ur_list and ur_rules
> > files.
> > It 
> > would be great if these changes could be included in eSpeak-NG.
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> >
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> >

Valdis Vitolins


we have dedicated issue for Arabic language improvements and better will be if we will discuss it there. My question there was — do we need to change existing configuration files from ar to arq and introduce new set of files for ar? But will we have enough input from you to support both of these dialects?