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#1016 new ESpeak variants wider variety of speaking styles

Could someone in charge of voice variants add new tunes statements to the ESpeak intonation file to both emulate other tts engines speaking styles and also make new and different voices with different speaking styles, based on additional tunes statements? I would like to have an ESpeak voice that speaks with the inflections of doubleTalk or trippleTalk speech, another that speaks with Keynote gold intonation style, and perhaps another with a similar intonation style to infovox230 or dolphin orpheus. Perhaps other ESpeak voices that sing the text in some way or have other speaking styles based on new tunes statements. with espeak sapi5 you would open the intonations source file in notepad, add new tunes statements, recompile, then make a new voice variant file with the new tunes statements added at the end such as, "tunes s8, c8, e8, q8".