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[espeak-ng:master] New Issue Created by sakares:
#985 Thai language is not found in 1.49.2

I installed the espeak-ng on Google Colab by the following command

> sudo apt update
> sudo apt-get install espeak-ng

and check with

> espeak-ng --version
eSpeak NG text-to-speech: 1.49.2  Data at: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/espeak-ng-data

but cannot found any Thai language installation by the following command

> espeak-ng --voices | grep Thai

unlike English

> espeak-ng --voices | grep Eng
 5  en-029          --/M      English_(Caribbean) gmw/en-029           (en 10)
 2  en-gb           --/M      English_(Great_Britain) gmw/en               (en 2)
 5  en-gb-scotland  --/M      English_(Scotland) gmw/en-GB-scotland   (en 4)
 5  en-gb-x-gbclan  --/M      English_(Lancaster) gmw/en-GB-x-gbclan   (en-gb 3)(en 5)
 5  en-gb-x-gbcwmd  --/M      English_(West_Midlands) gmw/en-GB-x-gbcwmd   (en-gb 9)(en 9)
 5  en-gb-x-rp      --/M      English_(Received_Pronunciation) gmw/en-GB-x-rp       (en-gb 4)(en 5)
 2  en-us           --/M      English_(America)  gmw/en-US            (en 3)

Is there something wrong? What proper installation should I do to work with Pypi phonemizer?