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[espeak-ng:master] New Comment on Issue #971 Help on updating stress rules for Basque
By jaacoppi:

Stress rule for Basque is currently set here: https://github.com/espeak-ng/espeak-ng/blob/ab11439b18238b7a08b965d1d5a6ef31cbb05cbb/src/libespeak-ng/tr_languages.c#L765

Some of the possible values are listed here: https://github.com/espeak-ng/espeak-ng/blob/ab11439b18238b7a08b965d1d5a6ef31cbb05cbb/src/libespeak-ng/translate.h#L361-L366

The code that handles the check start here: https://github.com/espeak-ng/espeak-ng/blob/ab11439b18238b7a08b965d1d5a6ef31cbb05cbb/src/libespeak-ng/dictionary.c#L1119

Note that the switch case in dictionary.c has values that are not listed in translate.h. That's a problem that needs fixing. You should read through all the comments in the switch cases and see if there's one that works for Basque. If not, we'll need to add a new switch case. Do you have programming skills?