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#930 Prevent compile-phonemes use of phontab, en_dict

espeak-ng --compile-phonemes generates phontab, but during the generation it starts by reading the old phontab. If works just fine, apart from an error message, if this doesn't exist but if it does exist it is not clear whether it might end up using old or bad data (e.g. possibly crashing if phontab is corrupted making it very non-obvious how to fix the problem...)

The same applies to en_dict as a result of espeak-ng defaulting to the voice 'en'; again the phontab build works if en_dict is absent but a spurious message is output. It's not clear what would happen if someone tried to build a reduced espeak-ng configuration with just one (non 'en') language.

The fix is to change espeak_ng_CompilePhonemeDataPath to call LoadVoice with a new flag to indicate the voice structure is just required to compile phoneme data (I changed the error message as well to make it clear where it comes from - there are two identical error messages, the other one is in voices.c)

Within LoadVoice the flag causes LoadVoice to not set a default language or voicename and to skip loading the old phontab or dictionary (both of which fail in a git clean -dfx build).

I checked the result by doing a compile from-scratch build sequence with and without the patch, i.e. I did:

git clean -dfx ./autogen.sh ./configure --prefix=a-test-directory make make install

Then I compared the two copies of "a-test-directory" as well as the log file output:

$ diff -r logs/* diff -r logs/original/make.log logs/patched/make.log 175,176d174 < Unknown phoneme table: 'en' < Can't read dictionary file: '/home/jbowler/src/espeak-ng/master/espeak-ng-data/en_dict'

$ diff --no-dereference -r local.original local.patched Binary files local.original/bin/speak-ng and local.patched/bin/speak-ng differ Binary files local.original/lib/libespeak-ng.a and local.patched/lib/libespeak-ng.a differ Binary files local.original/lib/libespeak-ng.so.1.1.51 and local.patched/lib/libespeak-ng.so.1.1.51 differ

So the change has not altered phontab or any of the other generated files, only the binaries as would be expected. (Note that I am comparing truely clean builds; what you get if you download the source and build from scratch. This is the standard approach for people who build for distribution.)

Signed-off-by: John Bowler jbowler@...