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#905 eSpeak/TalkBack issue when language tag is not provided.


If you go through the following steps (on Android): - Install eSpeak as TTS and set it's language to Persian. - Select eSpeak as the default TTS for Talkback. - Go to Chrome and navigate to http://bit.ly/irprogrammers. The page is in Persian (Farsi), but doesn't have a language tag.

You can observe that instead of reading the page in Persian, it reads it as English/Arabic and one letter at a time. I raised the issue to the TalkBack team and they said: "In case the webpage-content or talkback-language-preference provide locale-span, Talkback is sending the language through locale-span, but it seems that eSpeak is ignoring it." and "locale-span-language would be set by the talkback-language-preference, or no locale-span-language if no talkback-language-preference is set."

Is it something that you can take a look at? Or is there any issue that needs to be fixed on the talkback side and I can follow up?