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[espeak-ng:master] New Comment on Issue #884 Problem reading Polish letter ó.
By jaacoppi:

Can you explain a bit more? Is the problem same with all words? Is the problem only with the pronunciation of ó, or does it affect the rest of the word in some way?

Everything seems to work. Last Polish-specific changes have been made in 2018.

Here's a debug example: espeak-ng -v pl -qx -X "którym ó"

Flags: którym $u+ $strend Translate 'którym' 1 k [k]

1 t [t]

36 ó [u]

1 r [R]

1 y [y]

1 m [m] 22 m (_ [m_]

Translate 'ó' 36 ó [u]

kt,uRym_ 'u