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#827 What is the CORRECT Identifier?

Hello! I am trying to get the IPA of certain words and sentences of arabic. Then I do this. As you can see there I put the language="ar" as the argument or parameter but it gives me an error that the language "ar" is not supported? How is that possible where on the documentation I see that it is "ar"?

	letter_ipa = phonemize(lower_case_letter,language="ar",backend="espeak")
	word_ipa = phonemize(word,language="ar",backend="espeak")

However it says this

    raise RuntimeError(
RuntimeError: language "ar" is not supported by the espeak backend

I don't understand cause base on the documentation. It clearly says that it is ar as the identifier


Can the developers please UPDATE the identifiers cause srsly it's kinda confusing or maybe I just don't know the right identifier and at least it can be provided there. Thank you!

PS: I am doing this in the python programming language