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#809 Some wrong pronunciations of German words

Hello everyone,

Thanks for the espeak-ng implementation, it helps me a lot on my German TTS system.

But I found a few German words may have wrong phonemes.

  • Words ends with a combination of a consonant and the letter 'i'. For example, Profi (proːfˈiː), Muesli (muːˈɛsliː) should be proːfˈi and muːˈɛsli, respectively.

  • Words including combinations of "st / sp" with subsequent consonants. For instance, the words "Stahl" (ʃtˈɑːl) and "Strahl" (ʃtɾˈɑːl) are correct. But if you prepend words, like in "Verbundstahl" (fɛɾbˈʊntʃtɑːl) or "Sandstrahlen" (zˈantstɾɑːlən), that combination in which a consonant follows on "st / sp" often uses "s" where there should be "ʃ". This holds up in most cases, but not all (e.g., "Wasserstrahl" (vˈasɜʃtɾˌɑːl) which is correct).

  • I think Komet (kˈoːmət) is supposed to be ko:me:t .

  • A few concatenated words like eisärmste (ˈaɪzɛɾmstə) should be pronounced like "eis ärmste".

But most of the time, espeak-ng works perfectly. If you can help me, that would be great. Please let me know if you need additional examples or more information.

Thanks a lot.