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[espeak-ng:master] New Comment on Pull Request #782 Update Makefile.am
By danielbair:

I am attempting to to add espeak-ng to MacPorts (and HomeBrew), and there isn't an unversioned ronn available. Also, kramdown is not detected by the configure script either. Without the patch, If I have the environment variable RONN set, the configure script detects this and adds RONN to the Makefile but the Makefile doesn't honor RONN being set, and it then errors out. I realize that this PR overrides the RONN in the Makefile that would be set by the configure script, but if the make args RONN and KRAMDOWN are passed, it builds without errors for both MacPorts and HomeBrew. I tried passing and alias for ronn to the MacPorts build environment, but it wasn't used.