eSpeak NG 1.49.1 #release

Reece H. Dunn

Hi all,

I have released eSpeak NG 1.49.1, which is available at

What's New:

  • Vim syntax support for rule files.
  • Replace ieee80.c with the implementation at for Debian open source license compliance.
  • Documentation updates.
  • Emscripten support.
  • Merged the Android port into the main espeak-ng codebase.
  • Extend --compile-phoneme to support specifying the source directory for phoneme files.
  • Support using any directory as the data home, not just espeak-ng-data.
  • Don't install the default voice: use en as the default voice.

NOTE: The merger of the Android code is currently experimental. It is
missing support for recognising Unicode characters.

bug fixes:

  • Fix .Lnn rule groups to allow groups above 62.
  • Fix reporting the eSpeak NG version in the --version string and Windows installer.
  • Fix a crash when calling LoadDictionary when using clang.
  • Threading fixes and Mac OSX portability for the fifo and event code.
  • Fixes for running the spect code on big-endian architectures.
  • Fix determining the voice directory when installing the 32-bit Windows binaries on a 64-bit Windows system.
  • Fix a regression with the saved parameter logic.
  • Reduce the default buffer length to 60mS to improve latency.
  • Don't override buffer length when using espeak-ng for audio.
  • Fix detecting doubled consonants when using Unicode characters.
  • Fix speaking 1,,2, etc. in languages that use , as a decimal separator.

updated languages:

  • af (Afrikaans) -- Christo de Klerk
  • en (English) -- Valdis Vitolins
  • fa (Farsi/Persian) -- Shadyar Khodayari
  • it (Italian) -- chrislm
  • ky (Krygyz) -- JRMeyer
  • lv (Latvian) -- Valdis Vitolins
  • tr (Turkish) -- Valdis Vitolins

new languages:

  • ar (Arabic) -- Taha Zerrouki
  • jp (Japanese) -- Reece Dunn (NOTE: Hiragana and Karakana only.)
Kind regards,