Roadmap - List Growth and Vision Ahead

Bhavya shah

Dear all,
In sequence to my previous e-mail, I would like to share about the
roadmap we have lying in front of us towards a proliferating and
progressing e-group for ESpeak-NG that I conceptualize.
For now, we must work on asking, inviting and welcoming those who are
part of the old SourceForge list over to our based e-group.
As a group moderator, I will be shortly sending an official invite to
40 e-mail addresses who have sent a message to the SourceForge list in
the past several months, since we seemingly do not have access to the
members list in the case of the old list. Also, I will be posting
regular reminders on the SourceForge list requesting folks to
unsubscribe from there and join here, with subscription details
included. Post those activities, I will also be sharing about this
next generation mailing list dedicated to the next generation of the
ESpeak TTS on screen reader lists and other assistive technology
related forums.
Regardless of my personal efforts, this cannot remain an
individualistic outreach initiative, but it must be a community-driven
one. I will be requiring your support and collaboration as we lay the
foundation of this e-group for the successor of a very popular and
influential text to speech program. Please do spread the word about
this mailing list and ask your fellow ESpeak users to join the list by
sending a blank mail to And sending a
blank reply to the confirmation prompt subsequently received.

Best Regards,
Bhavya Shah

Best Regards
Bhavya Shah

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