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#612 [installation on MacOS] Request to update instructions for 'make'

I'm on macOS Sierra 10.12.2, and have successfully built espeak-ng (with pcaudiolib).

Two issues I want to report: one for pcaudiolib and one for espeak-ng 1. I was unable to open an issue with pcaudiolib; this is largely unrelated to espeak-ng.. But please let me know how this issue can be addressed 2. During 'make all-am', $(PWD) has to be manually set. Running 'make all-am PWD=$(PWD)' resolves the issue. $(PWD) defaults to an empty on my system, which causes an error during phsource/phonemes.stamp target compilation. (the empty string causes /usr/share/ to be mistakenly set as ESPEAK_DATA_PATH)