Re: questions about compilation and publishing of the APK

Valdis Vitolins

Hello, Taksan!

Regarding to point #3:

eSpeakNG doesn't have wiki, but editing markdown files is quite close
to it.

The best option would be, if you fork espeak-ng project and then update file or other *.md files in docs folder (simple edits you can
do directly in browser) and then commit changes and make pull request.

Or for occasional updates you can send comments/patches to this mailing
list and some of us will put them into documentation.

Valdis Vitolins

Hello everyone, first: Thanks for all the people that make this

Ok now my comments: I compiled the espeak APK for a friend (he needs
it and he is not a developer like me), and now I have these

1.- Is there any official place to put and/or find compiled APKs? I
will be doing more of these compiles and my friend is not the only
one needing it, others want to try the latest also.

2.- The final step of the wiki is to "sign" the APK. Well, it does
not work for me. Looks like something is wrong with my keys,
something about MDA or SHA1 not correct because the error says
something about the encryption algorithm being wrong. So, I had to
use Android Studio at the end to at least get to a "debug" version of
the APK. Has anybody used that last "sign" command successfully?
exactly as described there? or the encryption algorithm changed but
whe wiki needs updating?

3.- Speaking of the wiki... I had to install and do some extra steps
to make the compilation work in my box (ubuntu). I would like to add
those details and steps I did in the wiki, they are probably very
obvious to whoever wrote the android section of the wiki (thanks for
that by the way!) but they were not that obvious for me and I'm sure
other can benefit if they knew. So, how can I get write access to the
WIKI? or maybe I can give my notes to someone and that someone update
the wiki? I think they can help anybody trying to attempt the APK
compilation in the future.


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