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I just wanted to add that it's possible that the emoji issue is limited to linux only. Or more specifically, linux users using espeak ng with orca through speech dispatcher. I'm also not sure if console screen readers such as speakup or fenrir will be affected, although testing most definitely welcome. I'm not sure of course, but I don't think nvda or the sapi five version of espeak ng supports emoji yet. If not, ignore this message. I just don't want people to start going wait a minute I can't reproduce the bug and so on. I did notice that once this issue occurrs, espeak ng mangles the word "emoji" until orca is restarted. At which point it works for a bit until you encounter whatever is making espeak ng mangle emojis. What it does is it tacks on the last mangled emoji onto the end of the word "emoji". So I got something taht sounded like emojiAleftEyeSpeechBubbleIs"


Kendell Clark

On 07/14/2017 03:51 AM, kendell clark wrote:
hi all

A couple of issues to report this time. First, the word "hermit" as in, the lonely hermit is spoken like "you'll need a permit for that" instead of "I won't permit that." If that doesn't make sense, telling espeak to follow it's logic with espeak -v en-us -X hermit prints

Translate 'hermit'
1 h [h]

76 h) er (@ [3]
36 er [3:]
58 XC) er [3:]
1 e [E]

1 m [m]

1 i [I]

1 t [t]


The last issue is very very hard to pin down. The best advice I can give is to go through the emoji files for US english using the up, down, left and right arrows. You'll find all kinds of odd anomalies, where espeak seems to be putting bits of emojis onto the end of other emojis. I love the emoji support and I don't want it to go away. Also, this doesn't seem to affect espeak ng's normal reading of emoji, only when reading that file, although I'm not positive.

An example. Go to the very end of the emoji file and arrow up to the last emoji, past the source info lines. You should hear "eye in speech bubble."

What comes out is something like "a left eye in speech bubble."

That's just up and down arrowing. But if you use the left and right arrow, you get something like " "I left speech bubble is." Go to the right and you get "left speech bubble is".

This is odd. The emoji right above this one is the one about the postman and the flag, so some parts are being tacked on to the emoji I'm reading. If this is not an issue, but deliberate behavior I apologize, but it certainly seems like a bug.

Thanks for any help

Kendell Clark

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