Re: Espeak NG on Windows

Christo de Klerk

Hi Reece

Does the latest release of Windows version of espeak-ng include emoji support or not yet?

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On 2017/06/09 7:56 PM, Reece H. Dunn wrote:
On Fri, Jun 9, 2017 at 05:32 am, Sukil Etxenike wrote:


I downloaded the Windows X64 msi and I noticed that neither mbrola
support nor voice variants are included. Why is this?
For the voice variants, I need to add them to the installer. You can copy the files to the installed location if you need them.

MBROLA support for Windows is in progress (see: ( ) ). It is difficult to support MBROLA voices in the 64-bit version of espeak-ng, so only the 32-bit version will support them.

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