Sending out an official invitation to the ESpeak-NG mailing list to other groups

Bhavya shah

Dear all,
To the few of us who are already part of this new discussion platform
for ESpeak-NG, there are a few essential tasks we may need to
discharge in order for this list to truly replace the older
SourceForge list, which includes attempting to transfer members from
the old list to this new one, inviting all those who are members of
the old list, sending out official invitation messages to the old
list, and lists of screen readers that use ESpeak-NG by default and
other e-groups, etc.
having had past administration experience (for maintaining
the NVDACon Asia e-group), I believe I would be capable of handling
some of the afore mentioned to-do things which require administrative
rights, along with Reece and others. However, even as a group member,
I would be equally willing to send out official invitations to the old
list, the NVDA forums the Orca list as well as a few others without
being promoted to moderator.
All in all, since the group settings seem in tune (with ideal
defaults, Github integration established and fundamentals in
foundation), I believe the above are pointers we may need to discuss
and act upon for a proper list succession.

Best Regards
Bhavya Shah

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