Re: eSpeak optimizations for Android 6.0

Reece H. Dunn

On Sat, Dec 31, 2016 at 02:39 am, Matěj Plch wrote:

Dear users and developers,
I am very happy, that this discussion group was established and the next
generation of eSpeak will come in near future!
Can you highlight some important changes, which we can expect?

The changes are described in the changelog (

My main focus so far has been:

1.  Clean up the build process.

2.  Simplify porting to other systems (BSD, Mac, Windows).

3.  Clean up the codebase to make it easier to maintain.

4.  Make the code more robust and secure.

I am highly interested in the port for Android operating system.
In this context, I would like to discuss, if is possible to make some
engine optimizations, because I register quite often crashes of latest
available version 1.48.15 on Android Marshmallow.

It is difficult to know where the crash is occurring and why. The focus on security and stability above should help reduce/remove the number of crashes on Android.

I tested it on many devices with this OS and the crashing problem is
noticeable especialy during fast typing on Google Keyboard or sometimes,
when I want to open several apps quickly.
I posted many crashing reports directly from the devices, but do not
know, if developers catched them.

I can see them, but as I have said, it is difficult to know what the cause of the crash is. The work I have done already should help, but there is still more to fix and improve.

I am working on merging the android code into the main branch, so that the android code will be usable from the main releases instead of requiring the android branch to be updated. This should make it easier to perform new Android releases in the future.

Kind regards,

Reece Dunn

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