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Christo de Klerk

Hi Reece

First I wish to thank you so much for helping me far more than you probably even realise. The message to which I am responding, you sent to someone else, but it was of great value for me also.

I have installed espeak-ng on my Windows machine and have done some test compiles for my language. It works so well and makes life a whole lot easier for me. At least I can now check my work directly on espeak-ng to make sure it works perfectly before I send it to you.

Then about emoji: I have found now that handling them through an extra file works fine with espeak-ng, although it wouldn't work under old espeak. The question now is just whether or not to do that; it would be a huge job. I have a dozen in my af_extra file and they work fine, but it would take me a month of Sundays to do the bulk of them and having looked at your approach, I am not sure doing them in an extra file would be the best approach.

Kind regards


On 2017/03/19 4:17 PM, Reece H. Dunn wrote:
On Sun, Mar 19, 2017 at 05:41 am, Ronan Mcguirk wrote:


I implemented the Irish Language (Gaeilge) on espeak with assistance
from Jonathan Duddington a few years ago.

While in the course of testing the implementation, I was able to
compile espeak on Windows and generate theespeak-data folder.

By replacing the espeak-data folder under NVDA with the one I
generated, I was able to test the latest revision of the Irish
Language implementation with NVDA and was able to pass this folder
around to other testers.

I would like to make some improvements to the Irish Language on espeak
NG. I am wondering if I can do something similar to generate the
espeak-ng-data folder for NVDA for testing purposes.

Great! Thanks for working on this.

I see in the espeak NG documentation that this may not be possible on
Windows, it says:

Compiling on Windows
NOTE: This is currently experimental. It does not build the voice
data, and may contain runtime errors and missing
functionality.Compiling on Windows
NOTE: This is currently experimental. It does not build the voice
data, and may contain runtime errors and missing functionality.

Does this mean that the only way to produce a test version of a
language implementation is on LINUX?

I don't know about the state of building the NVDA version of espeak-ng for Windows, but espeak-ng itself supports building on Windows. If you don't want to use NVDA to build espeak-ng, you can use the instructions at ( ) to either install a pre-built version of espeak-ng, or build your own using Visual Studio and MSBuild.

If you have access to the espeak-ng binary from NVDA (I'm not sure if they distribute espeak-ng.exe), you can use that as follows:

espeak-ng --path=PATH_TO_NVDA_ESPEAK_NG_DATA_PARENT_DIRECTORY --compile=ga

If you change the phoneme files, you can run:

espeak-ng --path=PATH_TO_NVDA_ESPEAK_NG_DATA_PARENT_DIRECTORY --compile-phonemes I am working on an espeakedit replacement, but I don't know how long that will take to get working.

Kind regards,


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