Handling emoji in dictionary files

Christo de Klerk

Hello all

I want to create an extra file for the Afrikaans language (af_extra) to handle emoji, but I am running into an issue. If the code for the emoji is only one character, that entry works, but where the code consists of two characters, it does not, although I don't get a compile error; it just does not work.

Let me say at the outset that I don't have eSpeak-ng installed, just the old eSpeak and I compile with eSpeakEdit, so I don't know if this is something which has been changed in eSpeak-ng so that double character emoji can be handled in dictionary files. Below is an extract from the af_extra file I am trying to create. The first entry works, because the symbol is only one character code, but the remaining ones don't work.

I will really appreciate any advice or assistance please.

Here is the extract from af_extra:

⌣ x2lImlax2
😻 x2lImlax2@nd@||katx2esix2mEt||hart_u:@
😺 x2lImlax2@nd@||katx2@sIx2mEt||o@p||mOnt
😀 x2lImlax2@nd@||x2@sIx2
😁 x2lImlax2@nd@||x2@sIx2mEt||x2lImlax2@nd@||u:@
😂 x2@sIx2mEt||trA:n@fan||frY@x2d@
😃 x2lImlax2@nd@||x2@sIx2mEt||o@pmOnt
😄 x2lImlax2@nd@||x2@sIx2mEt||o@pmOnt_En||x2lImlax2@nd@_u:@
😅 x2lImlax2@nd@||x2@sIx2mEt||o@pmOnt_En||k@u@swe@t

Kind regards


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