Re: what is the different between espeak ng and the old espeak regarding the installation procedure?

brandon T <brandongold98@...>


eSpeak-NG only has experimental support for SAPI, which I don't think
is included in the installer by default. This means that, unless you
change this (which I'm unfortunately not sure how to do, that you
can't use this with Narrator at this point in time.

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On 12/30/16, Amir Din <mrdin8877@...> wrote:
hi, i just installed the old espeak on my windows 64 bit. the old
installation process requires us to enter the voice name + variants
for each voices that we want. for example if i want english, i will
enter, en and followed by the variants for the english voice such as
female, so it will become, en+f1. so do these steps still apply if i
use the espeak ng installer? and additional question, can i use espeak
with narrator? i want to make it as narrator's voice. this is 64 bit,
that is why narrator won't see the old espeak voices. but what about
the new espeak ng?

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