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Bhavya shah

Hi Kendell,
The glottal stop suggestion for words like 'button' and 'cotton' may
make ESpeak-NG sound more natural, but would probably affect its
intelligibility in some cases. I would vote against that at least.
I do not have a certain stance about making the 'e' sound more like an
i', because although it sounds slightly redundant to me, your
reasoning is perfectly justified as well.
Creating further dialects under American English may simply complicate
things for an average user, but if more techie folks find that a
substantial improvement, your verdict shall be more weighty, because I
am simply imagining, presuming and accordingly commenting.

On 3/3/17, kendell clark <> wrote:
hi all
Reece has made some important changes to espeak ng over the past couple
of days. He has made the american accent sound much more american, which
I like very much. He has also reversed a couple of changes I liked but
I'm not going to simply ask him to put it back, since there might be a
good reason for it. I'm writing to ask for community feedback. Should
espeak say words such as experience as "ixperience", more like I've
heard it said, and "enable" and "encrypt" as "inable" and "incrypt"? I
believe so, but it also has to be able to distinguish between "exploit"
when in a sentence such as "it's a security exploit" and "you've
deliberately exploited the bug" in which case exploit is said as
"ixploit". I can't fix this, I don't have the knowledge to even attempt
such a fix. I could only fix exploit, the word, I couldn't write the
rules espeak needs, only reece or someone who knows espeak ng's
internals better could. This is *not* a complaint whatsoever, I love
espeak ng. One more thing I've been wondering. Should words such as
button, eaten, cuttin, etc be said with a glottal stop, that is, a
silent t followed by the n? Espeak already does this for some words, but
it does so with only some words, like button and eaten. The challenge
there would be to not mangle words like "tintin" pronounced tin tin, and
tintinabulation. What do you guys think? Are there any US english users
out there who would like reece's idea of having different american
accents, one that says exploit like espeak ng currently does and one
that says "ixploit" like I've heard it? I'm not asking for reece to
make changes, just for feedback from other espeak and espeak ng users.
It's also worth noting that the only people who will see the changes are
those who have built espeak ng from source, the copy built into nvda
doesn't have these changes yet, and won't until an official espeak ng
release is made.
Kendell Clark

Best Regards
Bhavya Shah

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