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By king-dahmanus:

thing is, i can't work with financial stuff right now because i'm too young for that. So, are you saying we may never improve arabic and other semitic languages in this current situation? I really see the potencial of espeak, and i'm trying to push it forward with whatever i can. Looks like we may never go farther, oh well. Waiting for your next comment, i guess

On Mon, 13 Sept 2021 at 21:48, Valdis Vitolins @.***> wrote:

I made changes for R and ain sound, hopefully with improvement. General rule for calculation of stress is not easy, because rules of stress for Arabic language are applied for pronounced sounds (phonemes), that is when pronunciation is already decided. But eSpeak allows to calculate stress regarding to written characters during handling of the text. And it is not straightforward even with added diacritics, because some characters may be pronounced either as vowel or consonant (e.g. ا و ي). Therefore it will need a lot of particular rules and it never be consistent enough. For proper solution eSpeak NG needs more additional rules for phoneme conditions https://github.com/espeak-ng/espeak-ng/blob/master/docs/phontab.md#conditions, where stress could be changed depending on on type of following phonemes till to the end of the word. We discussed about that and integration with Mishkal https://github.com/linuxscout/mishkal in F123 Consulting https://louderpages.com/f123-projects/ project, but their funding was suspended. As a work-in-progress there is Arabic branch https://github.com/valdisvi/espeak-ng/tree/arabic in my fork of the project, where eSpeak calls Mishkal for diacritization before pronunciation. But it was not clean solution, only proof of concept, therefore it was not merged into main project. Pronunciation of Arabic is too complicated to get good results only with occasional volunteers (you may do it, but then it should be your hobby of your lifetime). If you want to improve it faster, I suggest you to get financial grant to buy time of project maintainers. The same is true for Persian, Hebrew and other abjad https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abjad languages.

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