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#1013 Add luxembourgish

Ok, I know, another of those add this or that language things and there are plenty of other difficult issues for you to deal with, not just concerning this project. Really, if I had the time and patience, I'd add the language myself and create a pull request instead. Saying that, so far, all I did is improve existing languages, and adding a completely new language feels like a much more intimidating task for me. Sure, I could read all the guidelines and stuff, but here go time and patience again. When it comes to the language itself, one argument not to add this language could be that German and French, which already exist in ESpeak, are spoken and / or understood by luxembourgers as well, so why add this language? Well, ESpeak has all kinds of minority languages, artificial languages, and whatnot. So I don't see the point in not adding it when I think about it like that. Besides, there's luxembourgish as a display language in Windows, and wouldn't a blind person in luxembourg who uses luxembourgish on a regular basis want to have a TTS being able to speak in that language to him / her? NVDA doesn't speak it yet, but that should be fairly easy to do. All I ask is that you create an initial basis on which I'll provide patches later on if needed. You may use this as your base: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luxembourgish_phonology Thanks very, very much in advance for considering this!

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