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#199 Language analysis improvements

Language analysis and spelling decisions could be improved by introducing following new features: - [ ] extend verb follows/noun follows marks to more/arbitrary flags, which then can be used to make different pronunciation rules for homonyms - [x] J statement as precondition, to allow choosing pronunciation from preceding word. - [x] J statement should support letter groups e.g. (JL01 as marking letters. This could help solving names of numbers as different words #83 - [ ] possibility to go back to start of the rules and redo analysis again (e.g. issue #121 not only after removing pre/suf-fixes. Could be performance drain, if used improperly.) - [ ] replace rule extended to replace not only characters, but group of characters, also probably replace using matching rules - [ ] _list extended to mark arbitrary defined word types (e.g. $units #115) and by comparing only root part of the word (i.e. partial match without pre/suffixes) - [ ] output (prosody data) extended to mark syllables with more/arbitrary defined ways for different pronuciations (e.g. high/low pitch for Chinese etc.) - [x] Fix issue #196 Word end mark _ doesn't work properly with ~ character group. - [ ] Common rule for stress decision before or after specific spelling decision of word is made. E.g. to put stress for penultimate syllable in Italian #80 as common rule.

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