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By lucaswerkmeister:

You can define new phoneme as sequence of two existing ones and assign IPA name to it, if necessary. See more at Phoneme tables.

Thanks, but how do I define a sequence of two phonemes? I couldn’t figure it out. I tried two CALLs now –

diff --git a/dictsource/qya_rules b/dictsource/qya_rules
index 2ac2bbec..7133447f 100644
--- a/dictsource/qya_rules
+++ b/dictsource/qya_rules
@@ -77,7 +77,7 @@
 	L02) ht	Ct
 	L03) ht	xt
 	hl	l#
-	hr	hR
+	hr	R#
 	hw	w#
 	hy	C
diff --git a/phsource/ph_quenya b/phsource/ph_quenya
index 6a2c7374..8b9d5cdf 100644
--- a/phsource/ph_quenya
+++ b/phsource/ph_quenya
@@ -11,6 +11,12 @@ phoneme O
+phoneme R#
+  ipa r̥
+  CALL base1/h
+  CALL base1/R
 phoneme w#
   vls glt apr  // [h]
   ipa ʍ

– but it just sounds identical to h, I don’t hear any trace of the R. (Two import_phonemes gives a build error.)

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