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By Flameborn:

First of all, thank you very much for adding this.

... the latter pronounces ⟨i⟩ in the texts as /i/, whereas I believe it should be /ɪ/).

The consensus is that the vowel i is pronounced as in hit or sick, however, there are some exceptions. Word-initial i is usually a /j/, this is the same as in compound names, such as Dóriath ˈdorjaθ, except in shorter words, like im.

But there are further exceptions, for example Minastirith is usually pronounced as having short /ɪ/ vowels, but the i in tirith is closer to what's in Fingon /ˈfiŋɡon/ (revised from Finweg, from the Quenya Findekáno).

Where applicable, I would add suggested changes from Neo-Sindarin, a great source is A Fan's Guide to Neo-Sindarin by Fiona Jallings or loosely from A Gateway to Sindarin (though a bit dated, and not exactly Neo-Sindarin) by David Salo. Although Neo-Sindarin is a bit more liberal, it tries to unify some things that weren't in Tolkien's works and notes. But of course this is up to you.

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