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[espeak-ng:master] New Issue Created by king-dahmanus:
#961 improvement for the arabic espeak

Hello devs! I really wish that the arabic espeak gets improved, and these are my suggestions for it. 1, the letter ain (ع) isn't being pronounced correctly and i get it, but you can use the mbrola version by piching it down to match espeak ng's standards. 2, the letter raa (ر) is being pronounced like an english r, which doesn't exist in arabic. 3, the letters daad and saad: (ض & ص) are sometimes pronounced relatively good, and at most times, they aren't, a discord or a communication sort of way can maybe let me give you an example. 4: the numbers aren't so well pronounced, and there's an intonation issue in general. These are the problems that i remember now. for interested devs, please contact me at ilyesidriss2015@..., or at discord at the-blind-dragonoid#3765. Thanks and regards!

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