Re: found one of the mispronounced words with J sounding like y

Reece H. Dunn

On Mon, Feb 20, 2017 at 07:44 pm, Travis Siegel wrote:
The phrase
Distributed by JABberwocky Literary Agency, Inc.
shows up as if the j was like a swedish i or a hard english y.
This is when using the ivan voice on espeak.
This sort of thing happens regularly, and irritates me to no end. This
is supposed to be a hard j as in jump or jack, not something sounding
like yams or new york. Any possibility we could fix this one?

Thanks for finding an example.

The word "jabberwoky" itself has a hard J sound. The issue is that the "JAB" part is capitalized, so eSpeak will by default spell that part out. It also has an entry for "ja" (i.e. the German word for "yes"). As a result, when it sees "JABberwocky", it splits it into "JA B berwocky" and uses the German pronunciation for "ja".

This logic is in part to handle CamelCase words. I have raised to look into improve this logic for the case you describe.

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